The Financial Planning Process

The financial planning process involves a number of steps. These steps are noted below:

  • Initial Meeting
  • Data collection and general assessment
  • Preparation of advice document
  • Presentation of recommendations
  • Modification of advice if necessary
  • Implementation of the strategy
  • Ongoing, review and evaluation of the strategy

Initial Meeting

The purpose of the initial meeting is to confirm that we are able to assist you and that you feel comfortable with our organisation.

Data Collection and General Assessment

We will gain a thorough understanding of your current financial position, objectives, risk profile and attitude to investing through a discovery meeting. The collection of this data will enable us to provide a tailored financial plan for you.

Preparation of Advice Document

We will prepare a Statement of Advice (Financial Plan) which will detail the strategies to be implemented to ensure that financial success will be achieved.

Presentation of Recommendations

We will meet with you to present the financial plan and discuss in detail the recommended strategies and cost of implementing each strategy.

Modification of Advice

Following the presentation of the recommendations the advice may need to be amended to ensure that it meets your needs exactly. We will discuss how the advice should be modified and prepare and present a modified financial plan if necessary.

Implementation of Strategy

Once the strategy has been agreed upon it will be implemented. This may occur over a number of weeks.

Ongoing Review

We will review your financial position as well as the strategy you have implemented on a regular basis to ensure that your changing situation, economic conditions as well as legislative changes are taken into account and the strategy adjusted accordingly.


There is no charge for the initial meeting.

There is charge for the preparation of the advice as well as for the ongoing review services. These costs will be explained at the initial meeting as the cost is influenced by the type and level of services being provided.